Aging is inevitable, growing old is optional

A little bit about me
I am a plant centered Health & Fitness Coach who specializes in working with women 40 and over.  As a member of this age, I personally understand the challenges women often encounter at this point in their lives.  To my surprise, I had to re-evaluate my approach to health & fitness  because what worked for me in my 20's and 30's, no longer seemed to "do the trick" in my 40's and beyond.  I knew that there had to be other women out there who are frustrated, wondering why they can't lose excess fat and why their energy is lacking.  So, I made it my mission to help these women and along the way, I continue to learn as well. 
Health & Fitness Commitment


There is no expiration date on staying health and fitness focused.  It should be a constant.  With planning and daily practice, it soon becomes a habit, a routine, and a commitment that you are likely to keep.



It's never too late to make a move towards a healthier YOU and the older we all get,  the more critical this becomes. Aging should not translate into an inevitable decline in your health, fitness or overall wellness.