Finally, I took my passion for health and fitness to the next level.  I obtained my certification as a fitness trainer in 2009 and began working with women privately.  Over the last several years, I've expanded my services to include online coaching which has proven to be a most popular choice among busy women.

As a member of the 40 and over group myself, I personally understand the weight gain concerns,  weight loss hurdles, and time constraints women often face at this point in their lives.  I have encountered such challenges myself.  

There isn't a one-size fits all plan for any of us.  This is why my clients appreciate my individualized approach to their unique goals. 

Accountability is necessary in order to avoid getting side-tracked and our partnership will never have you feeling lonely in your journey to better health.

​I am a native New Yorker who moved to Chicago in January '95 during a snowstorm with my 2 cats in tow (RIP Chi Chi & Cleo).  I got an early taste of what to expect of winter in Chicago. 

I've been an active gym member since my early 20's and a SPINNING enthusiast since my early 30's.  Spinning served as an introduction to the world of Triathlon.  I competed in a number of triathlons from sprint to olympic distance as an age-grouper athlete.  My last race  took place in my mid 40s. The running part of the event was my least favorite and my knees were in agreement.  After a few ski injuries and knee surgeries, the running was put to rest.

It's a mission of mine to ensure that you put YOU on your "TO DO" LIST.


It's too easy for us to put everyone else ahead of ourselves BUT we really need to schedule time each day not only for our health but for our sanity.   Planning is part of that process and without a plan in place, getting side-tracked and making excuses can come easy.  There are no quick fixes and the process doesn't need to complicated either.  Together we will make your healthy

habits stick.

My enthusiasm extends beyond the gym and into the kitchen.  I enjoy cooking and I find it relaxing, not everyone does, I know.  But if you're ever out of ideas  or just bored with your usual fare, chances are that I have a healthy recipe to share with you.  Currently, I'm exploring more of a plant based diet for myself.  Although, I can't yet call myself a vegetarian or vegan. 

Finally, I have a soft spot for all animals and in particular, felines.  You can blame my dad for that.  We adopted my first cat (Suki) when I was 10 or so.  Currently I have two cats, Zeus & Zoe.  Both are rescues from the Anti-Cruelty Society. Rescue adoptions have always been the way to go for this girl.