"Lidia takes the time to listen.  She keeps me focused, motivated and determined to reach my goals...realistically"

~ Debra S.

"When I finally made the decision to get serious about my health, there was no question who I'd be working with.  There are many trainers out there, but Lidia understands the challenges we 40 somethings experience and this is one of the reasons I chose to work with her."

~ Rebecca G.

"Plain and simple, I love working with Lidia and you will too!"

~ Gwen G.

"Hey Cousin-in-Law. I am writing this because I am Lilly's official ghost writer. You have been her biggest inspiration for getting back to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This is the most driven I have seen her and you play such a major role in that. She is happy and enthusiastic all the time. After her workouts her first move is to post [in your group]. She brags about her beautiful cousin to all her friends. Whatever you do next, know that Lilly will be right there with you and you have my love and respect for all you do. She is so happy when talking to you and a happy Lilly makes me happy. Love you, Your Favorite Cousin-in-Law."

~ Tim, a/k/a Lilly's husband

"I began working with Lidia six weeks after having a baby. I was a bit nervous to get back into the gym.  I was out of shape and exhausted. I quickly discovered that Lidia's workouts are invigorating and not intimidating. She always motivates me with exercise routines that are fun and challenging. Lidia helped me shed those extra pregnancy pounds and get back into shape. I weigh less now than pre-pregnancy and my muscle definition has improved.  I feel great and have more energy than ever!"

~ Meg P.

"I hesitated and hesitated until I finally said, ENOUGH ALREADY.  I called Lidia upon the recommendation of my friend (one of her clients).  After 5 weeks of working with her, I dropped 10lbs and lost 5 total inches.  My clothes fit better, I sleep better and I definitely have more energy.  No more sluggish days for this 52 year old."

~ Jackie

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